Gurkes Fotobatch

Gurkes Fotobatch is useful if you rapidly want to make your pictures ready for webpublishing: It is a small software designed for fast image (digital photo) processing in batch mode. Gurkes Fotobatch combines standard features in a combination that no other software provides (let me know if I'm wrong): It renames, resizes/compresses and turns (by EXIF) with only one click.

With this I am able to manage my photos much faster than with any other solution. In addition to this simple usecase, one can modify the settings, so that Gurkes Fotobatch bares more complex properties, providing a variety of possible features like

For a more detailled feature description, usage and screenshots view usage and features. An illustrated tutorial can be found in my blog. This is a good point to start with.

Gurkes Fotobatch is free software. It is an Autohotkey GUI for different (free) commandlinetools from various authors listed here. In the download archive (zip), I deliver the AHK source, a compiled (executable) version of it and the commandlinetools. Gurkes Fotobatch works for Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 7) and is completely standalone. See information for details of license and contact.