Monthly Archives: June 2009

CernVM: how to set up a local ATLAS Software Release (dirty version)

One of the main features of CernVM is its special filesystem CVMFS with http backend (based on FUSE). Using CernVM in the standard way, the different experiment softwares work out-of-the-box and are made accessible over the web via CVMFS. Although this is a great feature, I like to set up an ATLAS Software release locally — as real offline version — to be independent of the software-providing webservers. Continue reading

Atahualpa Theme: remove header image outline on click

I am using the Atahualpa Theme and I think it’s annoying to get an outline around the header image while clicking on it by default. The outline is the dashed line around the header image that appears when you press your mouse button down while hovering over the image (at least in Firefox 3). There is a very easy way to remove it: Continue reading