In 2014, I started following a longish dream of mine: sharing and spreading electronic music that I love, with my own DJ project. Listening to music can be a meditation in itself, and there is nothing better than a well thought-through DJ set that picks you up and places you right in the middle of its own soundscape.

Take your time, give it a chance. Thanks for listening, seriously.

Past events:

  • 15/12/04: Club Paula, w/ Chris Schwarzwälder, Dübl & Nase, Zebra Centauri (Dresden, Laut und Luise Labelnacht)
  • 15/08/02: Altes Wettbüro, w/ Felkon (Dresden, Tanztee)
  • 15/06/20: Altes Wettbüro (Dresden, Tolerave / Bunte Republik Neustadt)
  • 15/05/13: Sabotage, Dresden
  • 15/05/02: Tolerade, Dresden
  • 15/04/18: Altes Wettbüro, w/ Markus Kavka (Dresden, Filmfest Aftershow)
  • 15/03/20: Club Paula, w/ Mario Aureo, Jonas Woehl, Wasted Ruffians (Dresden, Støj)
  • 15/03/14: Altes Wettbüro, Dresden
  • 15/01/04: Altes Wettbüro, w/ Felkon (Dresden, Tanztee)
  • 14/12/12: Scheune (Dresden)
  • 14/11/19: Club Paula, w/ Rampue, Krink, Kalipo, Gimmix (Dresden)
  • 14/09/19: Altes Wettbüro (Dresden)