Huhu! My name is Jan-Philip.

I am passionate about science and an information technology enthusiast. I love open-source software development, photography, and music.

Currently, I am working on something new.

I spent 4 years working at D2iQ (formerly Mesosphere) where I led the design, implementation, and maintenance of integral components and architectural concepts for DC/OS and where I’ve also been a people manager, product owner, and founding member of what we called our “Technical Architecture Group”. DC/OS spans many machines within a network, and makes it easy to develop and deploy massive distributed applications. With DC/OS, we enabled a number of Fortune 50 companies including banks and telcos as well as government agencies to deploy containerized applications at scale, securely.

Before that I spent ten years in academia, studying Physics at Universität Würzburg, and doing my PhD work in the field of computational physics as part of the Dresden International PhD Program, kindly supported with a doctoral scholarship by the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes as well as by the DFG Transregio 67.

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