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Mouse sensitivity issue in Source based games with wide screen setting

Some years ago, I liked playing Counterstrike (at last 1.6) professionally. The people who know what I’m talking about, also know that mouse/sensitivity/resolution configuration is crucial for success. These days, friends and me from time to time play Day of Defeat: Source and Team Fortress 2. In these games, I’ve lost a huge amount of skill im comparison with Counterstrike in earlier days. That’s okay, because I did not play for years and I do not know how to play DoD/TF2 as well as Counterstrike formerly. But unnecessarily one annoying thing results in an even bigger loss of skill: setting the same mouse sensitivity in CS 1.6 (“Halflife 1”) and DoD:S/TF2 (“Halflife 2”) does not result in the same distance-of-mouse-movement to distance-of-crosshair-movement-on-the-screen ratio, when using wide screen aspect ratio. Now, I’ve spent some time to analyze this issue more deeply. Continue reading