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new system successfully tested: “Distribution of High Performance Computing Jobs among Multiple Computing Clouds”

Hello you out there!

I just started running the first serious test of the system I’ve developed during this year’s Google Summer of Code. If I wanted to put it in sensational words, the test could be called “Distribution of Particle Physics High Performance Computing Jobs among Multiple Computing Clouds”; just to get some readers :-). During the test, there will be some time I just sit around and watch my monitor, so I decided to share my experience about the new system with you and keep record of the test progress within this blog post. Continue reading

ATLAS Software: How to run The Full Chain

During development, a system running ATLAS Software has to be tested and validated. There are some standard tests that almost don’t need any input data, stress the system and — if they run properly — are a (very) good indicator that everything is set up correctly. I talk about the so-called JobTransforms. By combining these JobTransforms, the so-called Full Chain can be run — a convenient test. In this blog post I summarize what’s behind the Full Chain and provide a shell script to easily run it. Continue reading