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Concurrent connections to Redis with gevent and redis-py

Redis is a powerful, lightning-fast key-value store. Gevent (1.0) is an event-driven concurrency framework for Python (based on greenlet and libev) allowing for highly concurrent networking and tackling the C10K problem. Redis-py, the well-established Redis client for Python, makes Python talk to Redis. The communication takes place through sockets and is request-response-based. A typical Redis-based Python application therefore is I/O-bound rather than CPU-bound. Furthermore, various features of Redis implicate that a request is not immediately followed by a response, making certain requests block the calling thread for an arbitrary amount of time. This is where gevent comes into play: it allows for concurrent execution of these blocking requests within coroutines. In this blog post, I am presenting a short code example integrating gevent with redis-py. Continue reading