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Email through custom domain without setting up your own mail server: the MX record is the key (and services like Zoho)

Setting up an email stack on a Linux box is a challenge. While it is quite possible to get things running, it requires a tremendous amount of care and overview to harden the system from the security point of view and to maintain it. I spent the last days configuring and re-configuring and re-re-configuring postfix, dovecot, squirrelmail, and the whole MySQL-databases-unix-user-permissions tail. I believe I managed to do this properly (at this point I would like to acknowledge this particularly well-written and complete article). But do I still understand the configuration in half a year? Would I be able to maintain it properly? At the moment, I don’t think so. That’s why I do not like having this mail stack on my Linux box. It frightens me. For very simple cases like mine, there is a more elegant solution: making an external service provider manage the mail sent to the custom domain. Continue reading