Why do I blog? That wasn’t the plan…

There it is, my first blog post — faster than expected (if at all). But why that?

It was my wish for a long time to make the design of gehrcke.de acceptable or even good-looking. Until now, most pages were Apache directory listings: it tells its own tale.

In former times, in the days of Web 1.0, I even developed my own small Content Management Systems using PHP/MySQL, while the layout was done via tables. Although this is better than this example of Web 0.1, today one would get killed for a such an unprofessional work (e.g. because of possible SQL injections and browser incompatibility). But I don’t have the time to do everything by myself and fulfill all modern requirements simultaneously. The good thing is that today there is no more need to pull everything off from scratch: there are so many professional CMSs that build up a more valid website instantly than I ever could. So I looked for a proper CMS. I didn’t want to have an overkill for my marginal requirements (like Typo3). I soon found WordPress, originally developed for setting up blogs. But with its ability to create “static pages” (pages not showing blog content), the availability of masses of glorious themes and plugins, it turns into a very useful CMS, which is very well documented and easy to customize.

So, I installed WordPress. After setting it up, it took my three days to decide which Theme would be the best for me. I hope that I’ve made a good decision with Atahualpa 3.3.3. It’s convincing because of it’s many built-in options and the clear design, supporting widgets and other stuff.

Okay, until now I created the first “static pages” with WordPress and will create more of them in the future. But the origin of WordPress are blogs. Most of the functionality is for blogs. The adminstration interface is so great and everytime I use it to manage my “static pages”, I must go around the big section for composing blog posts. And this really looks inviting… So.. there it happened and there it is: the reason, why I am blogging now, too: Because WordPress is ingenious! :-)

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