Returned from Montana (ICMRM): impressions and photos

Yesterday I returned from Montana, USA. The conference (International Conference on Magnetic Resonance Microscopy) was awesome, traveling was good and the Americans are weird; in particular their food and cars :-).

My poster received some good feedback; but MPI was — as expected — under-represented. However, seeing and talking to at least one other MPI guy (Kevin Minard) was great.

During the stay in Montana, we did not have much time to see nature. On Wednesday afternoon at least, we had a guided trip to Yellowstone National Park. Had beautiful (sunburn-)weather. It was just awesome. Within only a few hours we could see various really marvelous parts of the park. I took some photos; you can see the full gallery here.

A small preview:






  • ulli

    hi, hast du toll gemacht!:-)

  • Dave Doolin

    Germany…? That’s somewhere in East Texas, right?


    Glad you enjoyed your trip. Montana and Wyoming are almost their own countries compared to San Francisco where I currently live.

    Also, thanks for your great article on c++ getline. Just spent a couple hours working through eofbit behavior. Your article was very helpful.

    • Thanks, Dave. Yeah, right, East Texas it is D:

      Uoh, in retrospect, I realize that “Americans are weird; in particular their food and cars” was a bit harsh.

  • kmonsoor

    “see the full gallery here” leads to a 404 … :/