going to Montana: ICMRM

In a few hours, I am leaving to visit the ICMRM, a conference about physics (magnetic resonance and stuff like this) in Montana. It will be my first time in America, but a very short time: just a week.

The route will go along Würzburg, Frankfurt, Dallas, Denver, Bozeman and Yellowstone Park; half around the world. That’s new to me.

My group and I will be presenting our work on Magnetic Particle Imaging, a very new imaging technique for biomedical applications (German slides). After working on GSoC until August, 24th, much effort was needed to finalize the poster for the conference. Now, a few hours before the flight starts, it’s “just finished” (see below).

Hopefully the weather in Montana is great and the conference will be a success for our group! Maybe I’ll post some impressions here, when there’s time and internet :-).

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