Google Summer of Code end: code upload and acknowledgement

The Google Summer of Code 2009 final evaluation deadline is today; 19 UTC. I don’t have time to summarize my summer here now, but there are two things I want to say to the world. First, I want to thank many people for enriching my summer. Second, I would like to announce the Clobi project on Google Code.


  • Ian Ward (creator of urwid, a console user interface library for Python).
    He supported me so great while I was implementing the user interface for Clobi’s Resource Manager using urwid‘s new SelectEventLoop technology. Talking to him saved so much valuable time. Thank you!
  • Mitchell Garnaat (the creator of boto, a Python interface to Amazon Web Services) and the boto users mailinglist.
    Great and essential support since almost one year now. Thank you very much for answering many questions!
  • Paul D Marshall.
    Thank you for discussions regarding dynamical deployment of computing resources.
  • Xiaoming Gao.
    Thank you for the exciting cooperation regarding Virtual Block Stores for Nimbus.

Clobi @ Google Code

In this blog post I introduced Clobi, the result of this Google Summer of Code project. Today, I created a new project page for Clobi on Google Code:

As a first action, I pushed my local mercurial code repository into the online repository. You can browse the code here and you can look through the development history (the commits I’ve made) here.

Then I prepared a test release of all Clobi components. You can get it in the download section.

That’s all about Clobi for the next time. From tomorrow on, I will go on with my master thesis project in Physics (about Magnetic Particle Imaging). Next week, the ICMRM conference in Montanta starts and I’ve to make a poster for my contribution (abstract here).

I will go on with Clobi, when there is more free time :-).

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  1. Abraham Avatar

    Jan-Philip, my congratulations on the birth of Clobi :-) !
    I will checkout Clobi and the project sources for sure – I am also interested in contributing to the Clobi project… Let’s see how much free time is available within the next months.
    All the best for your master thesis project!

    Which license do you have planned for the Clobi project? I would recommend on Apache License, but that decision depends on your future plans for Clobi…

    1. Jan-Philip Gehrcke Avatar

      Thank you! I’m excited what the future brings along, but I don’t expect too much :-) (because of my own time..)

      After reading about all the licensing stuff a few weeks ago, I decided to use Apache 2.0!