Google Summer of Code end: code upload and acknowledgement

The Google Summer of Code 2009 final evaluation deadline is today; 19 UTC. I don’t have time to summarize my summer here now, but there are two things I want to say to the world. First, I want to thank many people for enriching my summer. Second, I would like to announce the Clobi project on Google Code.


  • Ian Ward (creator of urwid, a console user interface library for Python).
    He supported me so great while I was implementing the user interface for Clobi’s Resource Manager using urwid‘s new SelectEventLoop technology. Talking to him saved so much valuable time. Thank you!
  • Mitchell Garnaat (the creator of boto, a Python interface to Amazon Web Services) and the boto users mailinglist.
    Great and essential support since almost one year now. Thank you very much for answering many questions!
  • Paul D Marshall.
    Thank you for discussions regarding dynamical deployment of computing resources.
  • Xiaoming Gao.
    Thank you for the exciting cooperation regarding Virtual Block Stores for Nimbus.

Clobi @ Google Code

In this blog post I introduced Clobi, the result of this Google Summer of Code project. Today, I created a new project page for Clobi on Google Code:

As a first action, I pushed my local mercurial code repository into the online repository. You can browse the code here and you can look through the development history (the commits I’ve made) here.

Then I prepared a test release of all Clobi components. You can get it in the download section.

That’s all about Clobi for the next time. From tomorrow on, I will go on with my master thesis project in Physics (about Magnetic Particle Imaging). Next week, the ICMRM conference in Montanta starts and I’ve to make a poster for my contribution (abstract here).

I will go on with Clobi, when there is more free time :-).