Fotobatch 0.5: multicore support for image resizing / bugfix

News for everyone using Gurkes Fotobatch: The version 0.5 introduces multi-core support for image resizing and fixes a small bug.

It is obvious that today any software accomplishing CPU intense tasks that can be run in parallel has to support multiple processors. Usually, this leads to speed-up factors of N, with N being the number of CPUs available. So it was worth a try to distribute image processing in Gurkes Fotobatch on multiple cores. With the current implementation, I achieved a speedup of almost exactly factor 2 on my dual core machine.

Using the new version 0.5 is recommended for everyone, even for the single core users: I solved an issue, where wrong file creation dates for pictures in the compression directory occurred (only on very fast machines).

The complete changelog can be found here:

The new version of Fotobatch can be downloaded — as usual — here:

I’ve created a short illustrated tutorial for using Fotobatch:

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