gipc 0.4.0 released

I just released gipc 0.4.0. It plays well together with the recently released final version of gevent 1.0, resolves some minor issues, introduces a convenient interface for custom data encoding and decoding when using pipes, and significantly increases the data transmission bandwidth when sending large messages. Full changelog:

  • Implement data (de)serialization pipe API (allowing for raw byte transmission and for custom encoders/decoders).
  • Restore default signal disposition in child wrapper for all signals (see Bitbucket issue #7).
  • Fix DeprecationWarning related to _PairContext class (see Bitbucket issue #5).
  • Significantly improve large message write performance by using Python’s buffer interface.
  • Require gevent 1.0 final release version via

Thanks to Jonathan Kamens, John Porter, and Ivan Smirnov for contributing. As usual, the release version is available via PyPI ( Further details and documentation are available at

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